Banning Area Images

Photos of Banning including Downtown, Banning Bench, Morongo and Neighborhoods.

The first thing I have noticed driving around the old neighborhood and seeing all of the places we use to explore were the chain linked fences. No more hiking to devils slide, or the canyon behing McCoy's ranch. The "hidden waterfall on the backside of the bench is fenced off. It was nice to see some of the old landmarks like the wishing well on N. San Gorgonio ave.

For this website I have broken down the areas I spent the most of my time: Downtown, Old Neighborhood (North North and East Banning), The Bench (and Banning Wash), the Reservation, Old Idyllwid Rd (South Banning) and Gilman Ranch (and West Banning). continue to downtown...

The Haven Downtown Banning

Downtown Banning After years of neglect downtown Banning is getting a face lift. With the rennovation of the Fox Theatre and other buildings the city of Banning is trying to revitalize the downtown area.

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peach Tree in the snow, Banning Bench

The Banning Bench is located in the northern area of the town. Famous for it's peach orchirds , the bench offers beautiful scenery, mountain vistas and some snow during he winter months.

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Morongo Pow Wow

Morongo Indian Reservation- Before the casino the Morongo reservation was pretty quiet. We use to visit the Makli Museum or cruise the country roads and visit friends. Read More

Old Idyllwild Road, Banning

Old Idyllwild Rd. was the ultimate drive. You took a windy, mostly dirt road up to Poppet Flats. We use to camp out under the stars and shoot rifles at the quarry. There are still the same ranches and cow pastures along the way.Read More

Sangorgonio Ave., Banning Ca

The Neighborhood. San Gorgonio Ave. north of The high School(now the middle school) up to the Banning Wash was our neighborhood.

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Gilman Ranch thumb

Gilman Ranch- We used to hike and explore the canyons behind Gilman Ranch. Now they have restored the house and added a wagon museum. Fun place for a picnic and spend the afternoon. Read More

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