South Banning & Old Idyllwild Rd.

Horse Ranch near Dysart Park
Horse Ranch South Banning

South Banning and Old Idyllwid Rd. Photos and information

Horse on Old Idyllwild Road
Horse - Old Idyllwild Road

While most of South Banning still looks the same, there has been some major development . Most of southwest Banning is now the Sun Lakes Retirement Community. Dysart Park, located on South 22nd street is a nice equestrian park with rodeo grounds. The annual Stagecoach Days rodeo and fair is held here. The rest of South Banning is a mixture of horse ranches and residential housing.

At the end of South San Gorgonio Ave.You can either veer left (hwy 243) and head to Poppet Flats,Lake Fulmore and Idyllwild or turn right onto Old Idyllwild Road. Old Idyllwild Road is a bumpy, windy dirt road that for those who dare to venture, cuts it's way up to Poppet Flats and further.

Patch of trees on dirt road
Dirt Road Old Idyllwild Road

There are a few cattle ranches and farms along the way. The Banning Aqueduct was one of our favorite hangouts and a shooting range ( there are now signs "no guns allowed" ).

I have driven all the way up to Poppet flats since my return, although I do not recommend unless you have a 4 wheel drive or truck. The road can be hazardous especially when it has rained.

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