Banning Bench

Fall Colors on the Bench
Fall colors - Banning Bench

Cabin in the snow
Cabin in the snow- Banning Bench

when we were young our family used to take a Sunday drive up to the Bench. Located at the northern tip of banning, the Bench was mostly peach orchards with a few houses scattered around. Because of it's higher elevation the snow was more plentiful than in Banning and lasted much longer. In high school this was a favorite cruising spot and meeting place. I can remember going to a few parties at the A-frame located at the end of the bench road.

Peach tree in the snow
Snow covered peach tree

since returning to the area I have driven up to the Bench many times to photograph the scenery, play in the snow, or just drive the country roads and unwind. the area is pretty much the same as when I grew up here, but with more houses. There has been some development, but still has plenty of open space .

Rutherford Farms Building
Rutherford Farms

The Rutherford Farms packing shed is surprisingly still standing and in operation, with a newer building to left. You can get there by going all the way up San Gorgonio Road or going north on Sunset Ave. continue to Old Idyllwild Road...

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Hairpin Curve Banning Bench
Hairpin Curve Banning Bench

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