Banning California Images

Photos taken in and around the city of Banning

Photos taken in and around the city of banning

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This website is a collection of images I have taken in Banning and the San Gorgonio Pass area. You can click on small images to enlarge, click through the images above, and click on the slideshow link near the bottom of each page (there are none on this page). You navigate the website through the story line or by using the menu. For more info on this site click here or use the about link in the menu.

Our family moved to Banning in the 1961 when I was 6 years old. When I was 21 I moved up to Northern California for the next 27 years. Unforeseen circumstances brought me back to the San Gorgonio Pass area . Coming back after all of those years brought back fond memories of growing up. While some things have changed, most of Banning had stayed the same.

Since being a free lance photographer for the past 20 years, I decided to photograph many of the the places I remember growing up. I hope those who have left for greener pastures can remember our beautiful little town as I remember it. continue...

Ron Lakin

Banning Panoramic
Banning Panoramic taken from Highway 243